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Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City

Luckily Pakistan also has a smart city in the world`s most beautiful capital, Islamabad. It is 23rd smart city in the world. The smart city has all the facilities which any international standard smart city should have. A smart capital city is an ideal place to live according to many aspects. It will be foundation stone for many upcoming smart cities. The town has many factors in attracting local and foreign investors. Indeed it has become one of the most demanding housing societies not only in Islamabad but in Pakistan as well as around the globe. This increasing interest in a foreign investment indicates that the smart city is all that is needed in this digital era.

Capital Smart City Location

Interestingly location of the capital smart city is exemplary. The housing society is near M2. Amazingly govt has provided dedicated access to Capital smart city. Nearness to the new airport will defiantly attract the attention of foreign investors. Moreover, it lies near the eastern route of CPEC.

Owner and Developer of Capital Smart City

The smart capital city is a result of a great team. The team makes sure that no stone should left unturned in achieving the highest standard of work.

Let us first explain to you what a housing society should have

  • It should have an easy to access location.
  • Housing plans should be well developed
  • The building should esthetically be designed and efficient.
  • It should have all the facilities available within the territory.
  • Regular maintenance should be there.

So let’s have a glimpse of what great team working on it.

Developers: Habib Rafique Limited(HRL) are the developers of Capital Smart City. They are proud to work for Bahria town as well. HRL is not new in the market. They have 60 years of commitment, dedication, and professionalism.

Surbana Jurong is not new in real estate at an international level. The firm is a Singapore based company that has been working for the development of the master plans for the last 50 years. The vast 130 operating workspaces around the world.

Landscaping in the urban area is

refreshing. No workplace, residential area, or public place is complete without being beautifully decorated. This is perfectly done by experts. So where landscaping is concerned, their name of Cracknell is not new at the international level. They have been into working since 1987. Cracknell is also associated with Capital smart city who not only worked for landscaping but also designed 18 hole golf club.

DSA Architects has also collaborated with Capital city in designing aesthetically beautiful villas and apartments at hills. They are known around the world for their concept designs, master plans, and lead consultation. Their international designs and operational dynamic are praised greatly in CSC Islamabad.

Capital Smart City Blocks

Residential area:

A residential block of CSC is divided into four main categories.

1-Executive block

2-Overseas block

3-General block



Capital Smart City Executive Block: The location of the executive block is ideal. It is basically for anyone who wants to enjoy the best living experiences in a Smart city. Residents of this block will enjoy the natural beauty of the river as the house is facing towards the river. On the other side, it has an 18 hole golf club.

Capital Smart City Overseas Block: As the name shows, it is for the people who are living abroad. Here they will have the state of art facilities which they are enjoying over. The overseas block has the best facilities of Smart city. It is in high demand too.

Capital Smart City General Block: The General block is located next to the overseas block. It is also in demand. People are opting for these for investment purposes.

Capital Smart City Smart Villas: Smart villas are built-in with all the facilities of a smart house. They are located Lake Boulevard. There are three categories of Smart Villas.




They are facilitated with

  • Humidity controller
  • Smart Mirrors
  • Smart Doors
  • Temperature Sensors and many others.


They are available in different sizes, i.e., five marlas, 7 marlas, ten marlas, 12 marlas, and 1 Kanal.

Capital Smart City Payment Plan

Residential Plots:

Plot SizeBooking 10%Confirmation 10%Installments x 12 QuarterlyTotal Price
5 Marla260,000260,000173,0002,600,000
7 Marla345,000345,000230,0003,450,000
10 Marla455,000455,000303,0004,550,000
12 Marla497,500497,500331,0004,975,000
1 Kanal680,000680,000453,0006,800,000
2 Kanal1,340,0001,340,000893,00013,400,000

Commercial Plots:

Plot SizeBooking 10%Confirmation 10%Installments x 12 QuarterlyTotal Price
4 Marla1,053,0001,053,000702,00010,530,000
6 Marla1,404,0001,404,000936,00014,040,000
8 Marla1,755,0001,755,0001,170,00017,550,000

Farm Houses:

Plot SizeBooking 10%Confirmation 10%Installments x 12 QuarterlyTotal Price
4 Kanal2,950,0002,950,0001,965,00029,500,000
8 Kanal4,900,0004,900,0003,265,00049,000,000

Smart Features in Capital Smart City

A smart city is truly a smart city with all the smart facilities.

  • It has a continuous power supply. This is the point which attracts multinational investors and business ventures which are thinking to settle or invest in Pakistan
  • Automatic traffic is the error-free facility of a smart city. It will indicate the current real-time traffic situation. Indeed It is a time-saving facility too.
  • Advance CCTV is another facility to ensure foolproof security. These security cameras will give not only a high-quality image but also gives facial and object matching.
  • Number of free wifi zones is available around the clock in the whole area.
  • Electronic bikes though not a new concept for international residents but are new for Pakistanis, are also available.

why Capital Smart City Islamabad?

Everybody wished to live in a comfortable, clean, luxurious place with all the facilities available along with peace. So People are always in search of such a place to live where they can have quality time with their family. Fortunately, there are few places in Pakistan where one can spend his quality with all the top class, international standard facilities. The capital smart city Islamabad is one of them.

Facilities a Smart City Should Have

They are to attract socio-economic benefits by improving the quality of life. The smart city is a pure dream city with all the facilities which people dream of. A smart city is part of the urban area. However, it may be a bit away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It has. Ideally, all the facilities are available there. Besides any common facilities, it has some facilities which are not available in any other housing society.

It has all the real-time, electronic sensor which senses on the current condition and will take action on the spot. It involves the use of Artificial intelligence. The smart city is designed to use infrastructure more efficiently with the use of

  1. Traffic lights are an example of this condition. A traffic light will work based on several cars. Moreover, auto street light is another application of electronic sense. Underground wiring and efficient waste management are other facilities that are readily available.

Smart cities are committed to providing high-end use of technology by keeping things clean and green. It means they avoid excessive use of fuel for power generations. It has everything for everyone. They provide all this by maintaining the security of infrastructure, environment, and residents in mind.

Smart Cities around the world

People around the world are selecting smart cities now a days. Smart cities are the attraction of people in developed countries. People are choosing smart cities for investment as well as to improve their living experiences. Many cities around the world are declared as smart city. In other words, we can say many cities are moving toward a completely digital life. So the cities are

Mayor of New York city is working with local government to convert the whole New York into a smart city. They are working with different public and private enterprises. Their aim is to  improve the lifestyle of everyone yet conserving resources. Based on their efforts for this cause, they are named as global innovators.

Singapore is the city with excellent business importance as well as tourists factor. So it facilitates visitors, Singapore is providing different facilities for a smart city. They have made their traffic control system all digital. Smart parking is another move in this regard. Clean and green Singapore is their focus. CleanTech Park is its example that has green buildings and industries.

        San Franciso is another city with proper and smart waste management system.

Oslo is controlling its power usage by reducing it to 70%. London also lies in this category. A smart capital city Islamabad is also in a row.

Facilities to Expect in Smart City

We all know that smart cities are equipped with nothing but all digital facilities. So expect the following facilities from a smart city.

As the aim of the smart city is to keep the region clean and green. So the smart cities will promote abundance of greenery there. People will see use of electric cars .The use of electric bicycles are encouraged. The use of fossil fuels is something which is not accepted.

Greener buildings will be seen. Infrastructure will be designed to minimize the use of CFCs. Underground wiring is expected everywhere.

Smart buildings are equipped with sensors to indicated any problem in building structure i.e crack in the building.

Smart traffic light to work according to conditions. They are also designed to indicate in the situation of accident or traffic congestion.

The smart parking system is to facilitate drivers. They indicate an available place to park, an area that is feasible in terms of accessing or nearness.

Effective Waste management is their target. So they are designed accordingly.

Smart street lights operate on-off according to natural light.

Besides all these qualities, a smart city has everything to expect from any well-developed town. It has business centers along with different housing areas. Moreover, it has shopping malls along with gardens and amusement places.

Smart Features of Capital Smart City

It has not only beautiful landscape or smart facilities to attract people. There are many sightseeing attractions for not only residents but for visitors. A smart detail of them is


Beautifully landscaped gardens are there to relax and refresh. Moreover, It has a flower garden which will have a number of flowers out which will mostly be evergreen. Heritage garden is the presentation of nature and history together.

China Village:

A beautiful village with designs inspired by the heritage of China is there. A fountain of light is the scenery to attract attention. Crystal water lake will be a visitor`s attraction.

Crystal lake: containing musical and light fountain show. Concert arena,3D Max cinema, and the floating village are there to amaze.

It has a commercial area with logistic warehouses, exhibition halls, corporate offices, technology operational offices to attract business by providing state of the art facilities.

No place is complete until unless it has something for the young population. So the capital city has theme parks, street food truck parks, bird parks, and holiday resorts. So definitely we can say that it is a place for everyone.

Well equipped, well established international standard educational institutes will be there.

A healthcare city is equipped with state of the art facilities and talented staff.

We believe that this is only the short description, in reality, it has much more to offer and give better living experiences to its residents.

what is capital smart city?

Pakistan’s first ever smart city and 23rd in the world, situated in the heart of its capital city, Islamabad. A premium housing project by Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. (FDHL), Pakistan’s leading real estate company and wealth management business

The master design provides a number of alternatives including residential blocks, industrial lands, farmhouses, luxurious villas, and many more.

Is capital smart city good investment?

Thanks to its ideal location, Capital Smart City is seen as Magnificent for investment. It is located just a 5-minute drive from New Islamabad International Airport and falls on CPEC’s Eastern Road.  This is the perfect time to invest in Capital Smart City’s markets, residential and commercial industries.

Where is the smart city?

On 7 September 2019, Maharashtra was inaugurated as India’s first greenfield urban smart city, the 10,000-acre Aurangabad Advanced City (AURIC), in Aurangabad. Indian government will introduce more than 4,000 smart cities with new legislation changes, as expected in December 2020.

Is capital smart city approved by CDA?

It is a completely legal project authorised by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) and Capital Smart City has legal NOC.

How smart cities are selected?

Announced criterion for choosing the ‘ Smart Cities.’ . In stage 1 of the ‘ City Challenge Competition, state and territory of the Union must rank all their cities on the basis of a collection of parameters and select the highest scorers according to the number of future smart cities to participate in stage 2.

First Balloting Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City has delayed for a month the first balloting operation in more changes. This referendum had originally been expected to take place in the 3rd last week of November in 2019 but owing to the “Financial Instability” situation in the Capital area decision was taken by Capital Smart City management to postpone the case for another month.

The balloting was to be conducted for the creditors and clients qualifying for the company’s executive and overseas list. The society has also introduced a map for CSCI’s qualifying investors to pick the plots. The collection choice is only given to investors who have booked half or complete payment of their plots.

What is a smart city and how is it different from other cities?

Smart City is an ambitious urban residential city designed with modern technologies and integrated infrastructure growth. Despite of its quality expectations, mobile devices, services never seen before, eco-friendly urban ecosystem and proactive preparation, it is distinct from other housing communities.

Why is it called Capital Smart City Islamabad If it falls under Rawalpindi Development Authority?

Capital Smart City Islamabad design as it falls just on the boundary of the current Islamabad region, hence it is referred to as Islamabad Capital Smart City.development design is under review and this society may be included in the newest design as it falls just on the boundary of the current Islamabad region, hence it is referred to as Islamabad Capital Smart City.

When will the work on interchange start?

The organization has received FWO approval for its planned M-2 interchange, and construction activities will begin by 2020.



 Is the Capital Smart City a legal society?

Sure, Capital Smart City is to invest in a 100 per cent safe and stable environment. Its NOC is RDA certified and you can confirm it from RDA’s official website.



When will the development work start in society?

Development research has also begun in the city, research on the Main Boulevard is nearly completed, construction of the mosque has already begun among other growth. For more information please read in the article above under the heading Capital Smart City Growth.



When will the society grant possession of the plots?

Possession of the overseas plots and executive block is scheduled to be given to the developers by the first quarter of 2020 who will have paid their due payments by then.



What unique and smart facilities are this society going to provide?

The Capital Smart City should be a self-sustainable housing community with a range of innovative technologies such as BRT network, environment management software, free Wi-Fi hotspots, traffic control software, monitoring devices, device control apps and many more.



Is this society good for short term or long term investment?

Capital Smart City is a company worth investing in, it is a long-term golden investment opportunity, as well as a short-term investment plan.

Capital Smart City Work Completion and Possession?

The society is expected to complete in 5 years. An establishment with basic necessities i.e., Mosques, schools, and grocery shops are expected to complete in the next 3 years. Possession of the property will be given in the 1st half of 2020, as promised.

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